Pakistan Energy Scene

With a large population of over 160 million and a rapidly developing economy, Pakistan’s energy needs are potentially large. The country is confronted by serious energy shortages as its economy and population grow, currently Pakistan suffers from a massive electricity shortage. Since 2007 Pakistan has been hit by a grave power crisis - no addition in generating capacity and a growing demand have led to frequent and prolonged power outages and breakdowns in a strained system. In 2008, availability of power in Pakistan fall short of the population's needs by 15%. The main problems with Pakistan's poor power generation remain its inefficient generating plants, poor transmission system, lack of disciplined and efficient usage and a spiraling circular debt in the sector. Current gap in supply and demand of electricity has surpassed all calculations and reached around 6,000 MW - it is limiting industrial growth and agricultural output.
All short term measures aimed at increasing generation are thermal fossil fuel based plants that will make the cost of energy more expensive over time and put additional pressure on the nation economy, as the country remains a net importer of fossil fuels. In order to achieve energy independence, it is imperative that Pakistan develops its renewable / alternative energy sector by harnessing the potential of these resources. Pakistan's wind resource potential is calculated at around 34,600 MW and the Government has developed an enabling policy to promote the wind energy sector.
Current Installed capacity:
  • Electricity - total installed capacity: 19,505 MW (2007)

Electricity sources:

  • Fossil fuel - 12,580 MW - 65% of total
  • Hydro - 6,463 MW - 33% of total
  • Nuclear - 462 MW - 2% of total
  • Renewable - nil
Growing demand
Supply and Demand of Electricity in Pakistan
 Supply and Demand Position: 2008-2020 (MW)
Existing Generation15,90315,90315,90315,90315,90315,90315,90315,90315,90315,90315,90315,90315,903
Proposal / Committed Generation5304,2357,22610,11510,55613,30713,52014,60716,13418,44818,44818,44818,448
Total Existing/Committed Generation16,48420,13823,12926,01826,45929,21029,42330,51032,03734,35134,35134,35134,351
Expected Available Generation13,14616,11018,50320,81421,16723,36823,53824,40825,63027,48127,48127,48127,481
Demand (Summer Peak)16,48417,86819,35220,87422,46024,12625,91928,02930,22335,50434,91837,90741,132
Surplus/Deficit Generation-3,338-1,758-849-60-1,293-758-2,381-3,621-4,593-8,023-7,437-10,426-13,651