To be one of the premier textile and Wind Power Company recognized for leadership in technology, flexibility, responsiveness and quality. Our customers will share in our success through innovative manufacturing, certifiable quality, exceptional services and creative alliances. Structured to maintain in depth competence and knowledge about our business, our customer and worldwide markets. Our workforce will be the most efficient in industry through multiple skill learning and the fostering of framework and security of the safest work environment possible recognized as excellent citizen in the local and regional community through our financial and human resources support and our senility to the environment.


Our mission is to be recognized as premier supplier to the markets we serve by providing quality yarns, fabric and other textile products to satisfy the needs of our customer. Our mission will be accomplished through excellence in customer service, sales and manufacturing supported by teamwork of all associates. We will continue our tradition of honesty, fairness and integrity in relationship with our customers, associates, shareholders, community and stakeholders.

Sapphire Group

The Sapphire Group is a highly versatile and varied business group based in Pakistan. It first started its journey by starting entering the textile sector. Over time, Sapphire Group has become a well-known brand, known for its exports of exceptional quality products. In addition to being a dominant player in the textile industry, the Sapphire Group has expanded into other sectors such as dairies, retail and energy.

The Energy Division

Sapphire Group is committed to play its part in the development of Pakistan’s various sectors. Realizing the role of clean energy in development of the nation, we ventured into the power generation sector by developing a 52.8 MW wind power project in Jhimpir, Sindh. Sapphire Wind Power Energy Limited (SWPCL) successfully commenced operations in November 2015. Triconboston Consulting Corporation Private Limited (TBCCPL) is the Sponsor’s second project in the wind power sector, which has three divisions (TBA, TBB & TBC). It has a capacity of 3*49.735 MW. TBCCPL successfully commenced operations in September 2018.