Wind Sector In Pakistan

Wind energy has been highlighted as one of the most viable alternative energy sources in Pakistan, particularly in the Gharo-Keti Bandar Wind Corridor. This 60 km long coastal area in Sindh and 170 km inland region has the capacity to generate 60,000 MW of electricity. The Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) has thus far facilitated the integration of 1,845 MW of wind energy into the national grid through various wind plant projects. These plants, developed under the cost-plus regime, include FFC Energy, ZorluEnerji Pakistan, Three Gorges Pakistan First, Foundation Energy II and I, Metro Power, Sachal Energy, Lakeside Energy, Artistic Wind, Liberty Wind 1, Indus Wind, Master Green, ACT2, Liberty Wind 2, Metro Wind Power, Nasda Green, DIN Energy, Gul Ahmed Electric, and Tricom Wind Power. Sapphire Wind was the first to adopt the up-front tariff approach, and has since been followed by Yunus Energy, Master Wind Act Wind, Gul Ahmed, Tenega Generasi, Hydro China Dawood, UEP Wind, Jhampir Power, Hawa Energy Artistic Energy, Three Gorges Pakistan Second, Third, TriconBoston Consulting Corporation Pvt. Limited A, B, and C, and Zephyr.